John O'Connor - freelance Web Developer

I have been a freelance developer for over 10 years and specialise in building web applications using Microsoft Technologies.

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I'm passionate about creating web applications that are visually appealing, intuitive to use, reliable and easy to maintain. I achieve this by:-
  1. Understanding business processes and what is required of the application
  2. Using an Object Oriented Design approach
  3. Skillful use of HTML and CSS in UI design
  4. Careful testing, including use of automated testing tools

To see some examples of my work, select "Gallery" on the menu at the left.

For full details of my experience and skills, please see my CV.

A personal project of mine has been the development of an interactive family tree. It's written in ASP.NET and C#, with the tree data held in XML format. Family Tree The user interface makes extensive use of jQuery. For more information and to try it out, select 'Family Tree' on the menu at the left, or click on this image.