An Interactive Family Tree

About five years ago I started researching my family tree. After a while it became quite large and I started looking for a good web site where I could publish it for relatives to view.

Although there were plenty of sites to choose from I found they all suffered from limitations. They were either slow or difficult to navigate and in most cases could only be viewed by others if they had an account with the hosting site. I wanted a simple way to let relatives view my tree, so I decided I'd write my own app.


The main logic for the tree is written in C#, while in the browser jQuery is used to animate the tree. A number of jQuery plugins provide additional functionality.

The accepted standard for genealogy information is a file format called GEDCOM. This isn't the easiest format to deal with, however, so after a bit of research, I decided to convert this to XML for the web application to process.

View the tree (opens in a new window or tab).