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This tree shows details of the ancestors and other relatives of myself and my wife, dating back (in the case of the Redrup branch) to 1537. At any one time, a single individual is the focus of the tree. Their children, siblings, spouse(s) and up to 3 generations of ancestors are shown. Other individuals in the tree remain hidden. The selected individual's full details are shown in the panel below the tree. When you click on a person's name in the tree, the tree is redrawn to show the immediate relatives of that person.
In this example, John White (born 1872) is the selected individual and the tree shows his wife, Louisa Plaster, two sisters, Mary and Elizabeth (more siblings are out of shot on the right), his parents John White (1840) and Mary Waghorn and his four grandparents.
Note: To help identify our direct ancestors, I have placed an asterisk by their first name.